Update July 2020

During these difficult times our thoughts are of course with those who have suffered due to the ongoing pandemic. For us travelers, it has been quiet days with many countries imposing restrictions on travel. Either way, the sensible choice is to stay put for a while until the virus is contained and we hopefully have an effective vaccine.

Nui Ba Ra from the Song Be river valley

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Gary Willis who previously helped out with some insight and material for our article on the Song Be City Airstrip. We hadn’t been in touch for over a year and he sent over a few pictures that I hadn’t seen before. As we started talking, I got the idea to make a video using his material together with modern footage. Similar to the Hamburger Hill video I did last year together with veterans from the battle.

Our friend Luke Johnston from Vietnam Heritage – Healing Through History happened to be in the Song Be area so he immediately went out to shoot video and take pictures for this. Gary involved some of his fellow veterans who recorded audios with their personal stories. Luke and I went through the material as we got it and then the editing started. Now, a few weeks later we have finished the video and I think it exceeded our expectations.

On top of that, I updated the article on Song Be City Airstrip to deliver a complete package for you to enjoy. I hope this will inspire you to travel also to this part of the country to learn even more about its history.

Oh, another thing. Since a couple of months, we have started a Facebook group called Vietnam War History Travel. We already have more than 350 members and we focus on war history travel in the former Indochina, much like this website. We have already a nice mix of posts with everything from complete travel stories to hidden destinations via historic images to ordinary travel tips. Come and join us and share your pictures and stories. We are all there to learn from each other

So let me finish this quick update by saying thank you to all of our readers and I hope you will continue to check in for new stories and interact with us.

Stay safe!


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  1. I wish you could get out to Fire Base Ripcord, which was in the Ashau valley and the site of the last really big battle of the war. keith William Nolan’s book “Ripcord” tells the story of what happened there in 1970. It’s probably remote nowadays but it would be interesting to see what’s left. We bombed it into smithereens when we extracted the last of our troops out so not much would probably be there but still would be interesting to get there and stand on the site.

    Also Firebase Maryann, where the 196th Inf Brigade of the Americal Div was overrun in 1971 would be interesting to get to. I read it might be more accessible. Some guys from England that reenact Vietnam war GI, went over there and visited the site a couplke of years ago. Again, Keith William Nolan’s book “Sappers In The Wire” tells what happened there in 1971.

  2. Thank you for your great work covering the war area us Vets saw so much of. I was an Army truck driver based at Long Binh but traveled throughout War Sector III and saw so much. After retiring I wrote and published my true story “VIETNAM CONVOY TRUCKER” book. Our unit produced a true story DVD “TROXLER’S TRUCKERS, MEMORIES OF VIETNAM.” Both are available on the internet or contact me for discussion and/or signed copies. The book is 201 pages with 90 photos my buddies and I took during our convoys. The DVD is 69 minutes long and has several buddies being interviewed. I really enjoy speaking with other Vets and welcome your comments. Welcome Home fellows.

  3. Original member of D Co. 158th Aviation Battalion 101sr Airborne Division. Was in the organizing advance party prior to the battalion 1969. Spent a lot of time at fire bases in the Ashu Valley

    1. Hello Fredrick Sypolt.
      I was at Evans from Jan 1970 to Aug 1971, D Company, Redskins, 158th Aviation Battalion. I also spent time at Quang Tri. Towards the end, firebases further north of Evans were falling to the NVA as US infantry pulled out. Our Cobras flew missions outside our wire and were getting secondaries from cached ammo. Very interesting.
      I went back in 1993 and there was nothing left of Evans. Only the graded ground for the runway at Quang Tri was left. Photos on this site show the runway area.
      To Chuck Wagner and the photo of the church; was it located near Hwy 1 and east of Evans? There was a church visible from the company and from the part of the Green Line where the perimeter defense bunkers were, just holes later, that were assigned to the unit. Best wishes to all. Thanks you Jonas for this website.
      Respectfully, Terry Haydon

  4. I’ve lived in Vietnam for six years, and have never got out to see any of these places. I’d like to tag along next time you guys are around.

  5. I’ve got a picture of the church that was talked about in this page. It’s mostly yellow now but was white in late 70. I wish I knew how to attach it to this message

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