Song Be City runway

About five kilometers north east of the main base FSB Buttons, a smaller runway was located. This runway served mainly the FACs - Forward Air Controllers.

FAC runway in Song Be

Song Be was the home field for some of the province FACs call sign Viper and later Rod. These USAF FACs patrolled the province and supported Special Forces and the RVN Army in the area. Additionally, the Red Marker FACs assigned to support the Vietnamese Airborne Division wherever it deployed shared the strip from time to time.

Song Be FAC runway

From 1969 through early 1970 a task force of the Airborne conducted offensive sweeps around Song Be and the Red Markers flew from the City strip.

The runway was located in town and was a originally a street in town which it also is today. With the RVN provincial headquarters standing at the north end of the city strip, blocking a takeoff to the north or a landing approach from that direction, the FACs always took off south toward the mountain and landed to the north away from the mountain regardless of winds.

Old flagpole in Song Be

The compound is still intact and so is the old flagpole. Around the area is also a couple of Bailey bridges in use, the southern one located closely to the site of the former SF B-Camp.

C123 on display


How to get there

Continue east on the main road from FSB Buttons about five kilometers and you will reach the site in town. From here one can also drive up the Nui Ba Ra mountain where one is offered a great view of the area where FSB Buttons was located.


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