Kon Tum Airfield

Kon Tum airfield

In the middle of this beautiful town in the highlands lies the old runway for the base that was used from around 1965 and forward. Kon Tum is today a very tourist friendly town with several nice hotels and a wide variety of restaurants. The town itself is well worth discovering with its old wooden church and also places to go for those who are interested in the tribal cultures. Apart from the main base, the well known LZ Mary Lou was located just south of the Dak Bla river on the west wisde of the main road.

Kon Tum MACV 24

Also in town are some of the old buildings of the MACV Team 24 camp, but they aren’t really accessible other than looking at them from adjacent buildings.

Kon Tum MACV 24

Kon Tum is the perfect base for the history traveler that wants to explore the area north up towards Dak To Special Forces Camp and Ben Het Special Forces Camp and the nearby hills as well as west towards Polei Kleng Special Forces Camp and the Plei Trap Valley. The small town has grown over the years and has several good options for hotels and eating.



How to get there

Located not far north from Pleiku along the main road Ho Chi Minh Highway Kon Tum can be reached with car or motorbike from all directions, Boun Ma Thout and Pleiku in the south, Da Nang in the north and Quang Ngai in the east. One can also fly there from Saigon and Hanoi.


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