Camp Enari

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Camp Enari was a very large base south of Pleiku that hosted the 4th ID and many other units including Special Forces. Outside the camp, small Montagnard villages were set up for the families of the Montagnard soldiers. Basically no remains of the camp is to be found today. The foundation of the old gate is still visible and of course Dragon Mountain is still overlooking the area.


How to get there

Follow the main road south from town, closing in to Dragon Mountain, turn east on 671 and follow it another kilometer or so south. The largest parts of the base area is on the west side of the road.


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3 thoughts on “Camp Enari”

  1. I was a Medic, and then the Medical Section Chief for the 4/42 FA June ’76-June ’68. We pulled guard duty on the perimeter and did Medcap with the Montagnards in the AO. I also towed one of our 105s up to Dak To just before that kicked off. The “VVA Veteran” had an article about abandoned bases this month and I wondered about Camp Enari.

  2. I was assigned to the 4th Admin Co. ASD from June of 68 to June 69. As a non
    typist clerk, I operated AB Dick mimeograph machines for the first few months.
    The AG Message Center is next door and is a part of ASD. My third assignment
    was as one of two AG couriers to MACV in Saigon and USARV HQS. in Long Bihn
    for a total of 6 months. 2 of those 6 months I shared an apartment in Saigon
    with the other courier. As a courier, I had opportunities to see the sights of
    Saigon that included pumping the bellows on the pipe organ in the Saigon Cathedral
    and visiting the Saigon Zoo.

    1. Thank you for your comment John and for providing some historical context. You sure did get to see a lot of the country.

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