FSB Bastogne

Along and north of what is now QL49 between Hue and Aluoi there were a number of Fire Support Bases established in order to monitor and stop the infiltration of PAVN troops from the Ashau Valley towards the lowlands where Hue is located. These bases also served as artillery bases as well as launch points for operations in to the Ashau Valley and Dakrong Valley.

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You can follow our drive there from Hue in the below embedded video:

Today these sites does not have much to offer in terms of revealing their history. Both are abandoned since long and the sites are overgrown or used as farmland and housing. Still they offer insight for the history traveler as to where the bases were placed in relation to each other, what the terrain looks like and the overall geography of the area. Even so close to Hue and the large camps of Camp Eagle and Camp Evans, this was considered hostile territory through the war due to the location right on the PAVN infiltration routes.

The rivers in the area such as Song Bo and Song Huong were frequently used by PAVN troops for transport of men and material. The returning veteran should be able to seek out his old location at least at Bastogne which is more open and accessible than Birmingham.

Bonus picture from the road towards the area of where FSB Veghel was located.


How to get there

Travel south west along the QL49 towards Aluoi and you will shortly arrive at the sites.The coordinates below gives a spot of where the bases were located, but remember that they often stretched over hundreds of meters across several hills.

Decimal coordinates for FSB Bastogne are: 16.3555556 107.448611

Decimal coordinates for FSB Birmingham are: 16.363 107.533


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