Welcome to our new Special Features section!

As we keep broadening our website, adding more interesting articles with pictures and videos, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to present some of our articles would be in a section like this.

Here in the Special Features section we will collect stories about places that really doesn’t fall in the war sites category like Saigon and Hanoi, but have a lot of interesting stories to tell. In both cities there are hundreds of interesting war sites to seek out but they also offer so much more. Obviously they are also some of the most interesting travel destinations out there.

Here we will also place some more in depth stories about places, people and events. Our core will of course still be to visit and document war sites around the country, but for the places and events where we dig a bit deeper, the stories will end up here.

Let us know in the comments what you think. Start below by clicking your way to the sections we have published already.


Hamburger Hill

LZ Peanuts


General Loan

4 thoughts on “Special Features”

    1. Hi Rob. We don’t have an article on that on the website, but we run a Facebook group called Vietnam War History Travel. There we have plenty of modern day pictures of Nuo Ba Den and surroundings. If you are on Facebook you are welcome to join.

  1. Gail Williams is actually misused. It is Fritz Williams (LCPL) who fought on the Rock Quarry from 012668 – 040468 with 1/9(The Walking Dead)

  2. If you ever return to the Khe Sanh base, there is one location where the fighting positions will be apparent. ~ 500 meters west of the northwest base perimeters is the Rock Quarry. It is actually an extinct volcano. 1/9 fought here thruout the siege.

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