Kham Duc Special Forces Camp

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Kham Duc was a US Special Forces Camp in the western parts of the then Quang Tin province, now Quang Nam. Mainly it was used as a launch point for Special Forces for missions into Laos and clearing the mountainous parts of the province. The camp saw some heaavy fighting as PAVN forces tried to overrun it. In 1968 a very large battle took place and in 1970 PAVN forces attacked again. Only 8 kilometers south along the highway the observation post Ngok Tavak was located. The old runway still stretches along the town which itself is built where the Special Forces camp was located.



How to get there

Both Kham Duc and Ngok Tavak are possible to visit with Kham Duc being a mining town today. Located in the remote mountains of Quang Nam it is recommended to stay over night for anyone who wants to visit. It is a full day’s trip from either Da Nang on the coast or Kon Tum in the central highlands.


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