Welcome to Vietnam War Travel

Welcome to our Vietnam War history travel website where we hope to be taking you on a journey to the places where the history of the Vietnam War was written.  We are a small team of war history enthusiasts who have been traveling regularly to Vietnam over the last decades. 

On our site you will find unique documentation of war sites in Vietnam as they look today including text, pictures and video. Our aim is to profile not just the major and more well-known former camps and battlefields of the war but also some small not so well known sites such as Landing Zones that were still significant in the overall war.

We are very proud that our website has grown to become the go to place for travelers wanting to explore war sites in Vietnam. We believe this is thanks to our passion for combining history and travel in a unique mix. By visiting these sites, we hope to show a glimse of what the war looked like from the perspective of the regular soldier, were he a truck driver, helicopter pilot or infantry man.

On the website you will also find a mix of other topics such as a Top Ten War Sites List, War Stories told by veterans and perhaps the ultimate Vietnam War Music top list for which we worked with a number of veterans and they with us which music that they listened to during their time in Vietnam and what it means to them.

As we regularly receive requests about tours, we are now developing collaborations with high quality tour operators in Vietnam and Laos. They represent some of the most knowledgeable people in the business. To ensure we only recommend high quality tours, we will only refer to operators that we personally know and trust, that we have worked closely with ourselves. We will soon launch a new Tour Page with information about these operators and how to contact them.

Since 2020, we are also on Facebook. Make sure to come and join our Vietnam War History Travel group.

With that, we wish you will find what you are looking for on our website, may it be a place you were stationed at during the war or how to fit some war history into your vacation. Enjoy the experience.