French bunker along QL1


Our mission is to showcase pictures, videos and information about what exists at war sites such as bases and battlefields from the wars in Vietnam from 1945 to 1975.

We will only post information about sites we have personally visited so you can be sure that the information is correct. We never use second hand information.

The war encompassed so many places over so long and we know very well we cannot cover everything. But, we will keep adding new pictures of visited sites continuously.

We aim to be THE go to site for war history travel in Vietnam.  We will use only 1st person shots and information of what is there today.  We will not “borrow”  pictures, videos or information from anywhere or anyone else.

Our journey

We realize a website like this can never fully cover all the thousands of places where events took place during these conflicts. Every corner of Cholon during the 1968 Tet offensive, every hill where the Viet Minh staged an ambush or every path patrolled on the coastal plains of the south central coast. we will never be able to cover it all, but we will, however, keep traveling and documenting places for this site for you to enjoy.

Who we are

Primarily we are a team of travel and history enthusiasts of three different nationalities who combined; arguably have the most experience of any team in visiting former war sites of the Vietnam War.

We go to lengths that others have and will not do in order to find and visit a site of significance.  From hacking our way through thick jungle to climbing sides of mountains, very little stops us from finding evidence and taking pictures of bygone battles of the war.



As mentioned above, we are continuously adding pictures, videos and information about sites. If you have any specific questions, please contact us. This our first try building a website with this tool so expect the structure to change over time as we add more information and pictures.

Some of the sites we post about on this site are located in areas where access is temporarily or permanently restricted. We do not encourage people to travel to any of these sites without proper permits from Vietnamese authorities. It is on each person's own responsibility to seek these proper permits before attempting to travel to these sites.

We will share if applicable which sites that we know of need permits and permission, this does not mean however that for places we do not state are restricted are guearanteed to be free to visit. Responsibility to investigate that is on the visitor only. This like many other things in Vietnam can and does vary over time, so always check with local authorities before making an attempt to go to any of the sites.

For those who are interested in independently visiting these sites, we encourage people to have all papers in order such as local driving license and appropriate insurance. Motorcycle hire is very easy in Vietnam but can be very dangerous and only advanced and experienced riders should attempt to travel to some of these spots.  Some of these spots are very remote and services people are used to in their home countries such as ambulances etc may not exist.

We do not accept any responsibility for any legal issues travelers encounter nor do we accept any responsibility for any damage to vehicles or any bodily harm that occur whilst travelling to these spots.