Song Be - FSB Buttons

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The large former base known as FSB or LZ Buttons is quite accessible for any traveler. It's a full day trip from Saigon. The old base area is now being developed so there are no real remains of the base as such more than that the roads follow the old runway and taxi ways. The mighty Nui Ba Ra overlooks the area and anyone who were there when the base was operational will recognize it. The areas west and north of the base were strewn with smaller LZs and firebases so there's a lot to discover in the area. There was also a smaller runway in town on the east side of the mountain which was the main street during the war.


How to get there

Song Be is located about 100 kilometer north east of Saigon and is accessible via the main roads in the area. Plan for a full day to go there and come back


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