Growing the team

We have had a few very busy months this year. Lots of travel and exploring new and old sites in Vietnam. In fact we have so much material that we haven’t yet been able to put it all together and publish it yet. For us this can only be seen as something good.

We have added a few new stories to the website. A while back we started the Stories from the war section where veterans from the war are sharing some stories from their time in Vietnam. The latest story we added to that was about The Fall of Saigon, seen through the eyes of a young South Vietnamese navy officer.

In May this year there was the 50th anniversary of the battle at Hamburger Hill. We had the honor to work with veterans from the battle and we also made another journey to the hill. The work we did was to finally find the exact locations of where the battle actually took place. Read the full story here and make sure also to watch the video we produced from the visit. We received pictures and also audios from the veterans of the battle and think this is a unique document about how the battle was fought.

Other sites we have visited includes FSB Bastogne where we now have added some new pictures to the page. FB Los Banos is a small base along the road between Hue and Da Nang and it was a very interesting visit.

An Hoa Combat Base was a large Marine field base not far from Da Nang that played a crucial part in the protection of Da Nang as it covered the plains south west from the city.

And finally we have put together a page about Hanoi. Hanoi has numerous historical sites to visit and we have also tried to share with you the beauty of the city and all the other amazing things it has to offer a visitor beyond war history.

The newest section on the site we have decided to name Special Features. There we will put some more in depth stories about battles and places around the country. Follow it closely as we will add more stories here over the next coming months.

We have high ambitions with this website and we are therefor proud to announce that we have new team member. Stephen has almost twenty years of experience traveling in Vietnam and is as passionately interested in the history of the conflicts as the rest of us. He will provide great insights and add a lot of material to the website. His first piece is a story about the Pittman Apartments building in downtown Saigon that was made immortal in Hugh Van Es’ picture taken during the fall of Saigon.

As always, a big thank you for coming to check out or website and please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Leave a comment or send us an email on [email protected]