About ads

Our aim at namwartravel.com is to be a trustworty source of information on how to travel to war destintions in Vietnam and telling the stories of those who fought in the wars of the last century. We think we have been successful in our mission as we are the leading website in its category. We enjoy very good search rankings and our traffic numbers are constantly going up.

We frequently get questions from our readers on how to put together trips to Vietnam, where to stay, how to get around etc. We always try to be as helpful as possible and provide recommendations on where to go, when to go, how to go and where to stay.

Running a full feature website costs money and we have always paid for it out our own pockets, as we also do for our travels in the country. We also spend a lot of our free time to write articles, edit them and all the image and video content.

It took over two years, but we have now decided to accept ads on the site in order to cover some of our costs running this project. This didn’t come easy as it there is a risk it puts us in a different category of websites. We hope to be able to avoid that and stay true to our mission. Therefore we will only accept ads from companies that we personally know of. The main criterias for us to accept an ad from company is that we have either worked together with them, visited their establishments or used their services. We hope this way that when you see and ad on namwartravel.com you can be safe in that it is a quality product in its category and that the advertiser comes highly recommended.

Should you have any questions or feedback regarding our ads, please send us a note on namwartravel@gmail.com

/The Namwartravel Team